A Great Buddhist Resource: Mahamevnawa Meditation Monastery Florida

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While full-on monasteries are common in Asia and India, even in Europe, it’s great to hear about a few that exist in North America in full form, not just retreat centers. Anyway, here is part of this article about the spiritual community from the monastery website.

A Great Buddhist Resource: Mahamevnawa Meditation Monastery Florida

The residential monastic community and lay practitioners as well  as outside members and supporters equally contribute to the life and activities of Mahamevnawa Florida through their dedicated work. This includes offering daily meals for free to the resident meditators (monks & lay people), cleaning, maintenance, shopping, office work, and running courses. In addition, the resident community principally supports the daily maintenance and functioning of Meditation Monastery.

All our study programs are available for everyone, including introduction to Early Buddhist teachings and meditation practices, daily devotional pujas (chanting meditations) and weekend retreats and many other courses throughout the year.

It seems that they have a good mix of lay and ordained practitioners. Do you know of other monasteries in North America? Please leave a message and let me and others know about them.


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