An Elegant West Coast Retreat: Gowlland Harbour Resort

homepage-imageLooking for a good retreat for your family, your company conference, your honeymoon or just a few days away for yourself? This resort located on Quadra Island in the Canadian West Coast accommodates all of these groups. Here’s what they advertise: “where wild west coast beauty meets natural elegance”. You can certainly see that in the website pictures, some of which I have posted here. You can see why people say, “Why didn’t we come here sooner?”

The accommodations are hotel rooms with an downstairs lounge and dining room, several guest houses which hold 8 people and their new honeymoon suite. There is a boat moorage, a spa and complimentary WiFi.

What can you do besides relax and read a book, take a walk? Lots of water activities are available such as kayaking, whale watching, canoeing and even golf on the island. There are special events as well. 59 Unfortunately, the website doesn’t let you know much about the owners and staff, but I did meet one of the staff personally – a very nice and enthusiastic young woman. Certainly a phone call could tell you more about the staff, the prices and how to get there. I personally recommend going there by float plane. There are regular flights to Quadra Island and also nearby Campbell River. It’s an experience you won’t forget, and there are endless runways for float planes! More expensive, you say? If you add up the gas and two ferry fees it might be about the same. Flying is certainly faster.     GHR-BH-Honeymoon-2014-sh


In closing, I’m going to quote from the website:

Ideally situated on the waterfront and perched at the water’s edge of the harbour, this one-bedroom luxury suite is perfect for honeymooners, second honeymooners or for anyone wanting a magnificent escape. Highlights of this romantic hideaway include a thoughtfully equipped gourmet kitchen, living room, dining room, lovely ensuite bathroom with glass walk-in shower and Jacuzzi soaker tub. There’s also an uncompromising water view.


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