April 2012 Newsletter


MysticFare Newsletter for April 2012


The Trust Technique

Hello, MysticFare community members. Glad to be able to contact you again. This month has been busy at MysticFare with 2 new articles being added every day. In case you missed some of the great articles and changes, read on. There is an amazing healing method called the Trust Technique, especially for animals, but really for everyone. This company, directed by James French in the UK, works even with vicious dogs and wild animals. You can see a video about it on the MysticFare home page on the right side if you scroll down below the login form. They offer online courses, and the money goes to charities, mostly animal rescue agencies. Even though I’m a “seasoned healer” of 35 years I was blown away when I first saw this video.

Famous People in the News

With 2 new articles added every day you’ll find lots of educational and entertaining information to read. Here are some of the more famous people covered in April and the links to these articles: Dalai Lama,Dr. Andrew Weil, native spiritual healer,Deena Metzger, the elephant whisperer, Lawrence Anthony, Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey.

Featured Spiritual Retreat Location of the Month

There were so many good retreats this month; it’s hard to select the best one. You’ll see a great one for women only in Costa Rica, and another one for couples in Sedona, Arizona. However, the one I pick as the best is through Journeys for the Spirit to a South African luxury eco safari. There are two retreats this year for your choice of 5 nights or 8 nights starting June 22nd and September 14th. Since you are a member of MysticFare, you can receive a discount on this trip. Just contact MysticFare once you register.

Do you like to shop online? Remember that¬† there are relaxing CDs, entertaining books and other “toys” such as Kindle readers, MP3 players and even Andriods and iPhones for sale on MysticFare. As members you can download free music from the members only page: http://www.mysticfare.com/welcome-to-the-mystic-membership/ Look for new videos and more member discounts on items for sale starting next month.
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