Famous Spiritual Healers #1: Harry Edwards

Harry Edwards photo from ofspiritandsoul.com

Harry Edwards is perhaps the healer who has treated the highest number of people as he was successful both with hands-on healing and distant healing in his 40 years of practice. He is said to have treated 2000 people per month from his home in Shere, England. Due to his success, he was able to popularize spiritual healing to a wide variety of people.

He was also famous for his public healing demonstrations of up to 5000 people each time. His outstanding legacy is that he was able to push for the coordination between traditional medicine and spiritual healing in England which still exists today. For example, registered healers are able to treat patients in hospital.

When Harry Edwards died his family home (quite a sizable estate) and the land were donated. It’s now a healing sanctuary welcoming both human patients and animals. The distant healing also still is practiced, just as in Harry’s time. They also provide cancer support, healer training, retreats and workshops, even a place for weddings. You can find out more about the current events there through The Healer Magazine. If you are in the area, there will be a Summer Open Day on July 21, 2012.

Although Mr. Edwards wrote a number of books, only one of them is for sale on Amazon: A Guide to Spirit Healing republished in 2008. There is a cheaper Kindle version. Here are some of the chapter titles: The Healing Gift, The Spirit of Man, Absent Healing, Psychological Aspects of Healing, Children’s Diseases, Color Healing. This book is indeed a valuable reference book for any healer. All of his other books available online today at Amazon.com, Bookfinder.com and the Godnight.co.uk are in hard cover and expensive. However, I have seen paperback copies of his books ordered directly from the Spiritualist Church. They can also be ordered in paperback online from his former home, Sanctuary Burrowslea, such as The Healing Intelligence and Life in Spirit.

If you are interested in seeing Mr. Edwards in action click on this link to be taken to a 15-minute video taken in 1964 in Trafalgar Square in London. There is a steady stream of patients and a narrator (who is never identified) who clearly explains each ailment and healing process.

Harry Edwards was indeed a pioneer in healing methods, but of course hands-on healing has been in existence long before Harry’s time. He was instrumental in recording and teaching his methods and combining them with traditional medicine in a manner which could be used still today in every country. In conclusion, please watch this short video about the healing today at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. I suspect Harry Edwards would be pleased with the continued good quality of care given there.


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