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Summer Solstice and Spiritual Journeys

The longest day of the year is upon us and many will celebrate as usual. While the traditional celebrations are part of Wiccan traditions and thus religious, there are many solstice celebrations today that are not Wiccan based. Here is an article written by Grove Harris, a writer, speaker and consultant on religious diversity. The article appeared in The Huffington Post (Religion section). Let’s see what she has to say about summer solstice and spiritual journeys.

Summer Solstice and Spiritual Journeys

Celebration may be among a broader spectrum of people, such as the 35,000 who gathered at Stonehenge last year. BBC’s coverage of that event included an interview “with those who appreciate the solstice the most: ‘We believe it is very important for people to move with the cycles of nature, and actually feel them. If you get up early in the morning and you watch that special sunrise, you’ve been a part of it. The rest of the year is shaped by that. And we think it’s a really healthy thing to do, and a very spiritual thing to do.'” And clearly the large crowd shared at least some of this sentiment and journeyed to one of the world’s most renowned sacred spots to observe the sunrise. For those for whom this is a religious practice, there are variations on the rituals or traditions.

Some will burn a Yule wreath in a bonfire; some will dance, drum, sing, and pray. The variations are endless — some rituals may be prescribed and ceremonial, while others will be more spontaneous: all are witnessing the turning of the wheel of the year. People attune themselves to the rhythms of the natural world and invite the seasons of waxing and waning, of birth, growth, death and renewal to reverberate more consciously in their lives.

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This is an very old ritual time dating back to 3000 BC, and the rituals have been passed down from one generation to another. I sometimes attend a solstice celebration that has been going with the same people for over 40 years now. They have their own set of rituals and parties. However, this year I’m going to opt for a pot luck party where people are encouraged to read original poetry or sing original songs. I’m sure the food will be good, and perhaps we will get lucky and have some good entertainment from our neighbors too. It will be another kind of spiritual journey. I’m going to recommend a different kind of book this time, a romantic suspense story just published: Summer Solstice by G.M. Frazier. Very affordable in the Kindel version at $3.99. Great summer reading.

Spiritual Healing Practices: All Natural Remedies for Cancer

Here is a useful website that includes not only a variety of natural remedies for cancer but addresses the different types of cancer as well. The webmistress, Anna Whang from South Korea recovered from cervical cancer and then decided to start this website. It’s also a good support network for people with cancer or their care givers. Here is what she says about some of the spiritual healing practices: all natural cures for cancer.

Spiritual Healing Practices: All Natural Remedies for Cancer

There are various techniques of approaching mind over matter approach. This technique works with your thoughts. Alternative treatment that uses mind, body, and spirit to medicate, calm, sooth, and ease the body to heal naturally is part of spiritual approach.

For cancer patients, it is very important to keep the mind healthy and try not to have negative thoughts as it is not only unhealthy but dangerous for your health. Feeling hopeless also feeds on the cancer cells. It is vital to be optimistic and meditate by feeding the mind positive thinking.

Spiritual healing is also related to praying to God. Attending a church, listening to sermons, reading out loud the bible out loud. There are testimonials of people being healed from cancer prayer and healing scriptures.

There is no right or wrong approach. See what works best for you. Personally, I have couple of options that works out for me. I enjoy praying to God and reading the bible to draw closer to God. The second approach is practicing hot yoga at the Prana Power Yoga. It teaches me to let all my anxiety, stress, worries, and anger flow through the movements of the yoga poses.

In healing cancer, not only is diet important for you, but your perception of the world and yourself is vitally important. Humans are complex, intelligent, and social beings. We have the ability to feel emotions. Our emotions control our body chemistry. When you are happy, in love, your body produces healthy hormones that heal the body naturally. The opposite happens when you feel depressed, hopeless, worthless, lonely, sad, and upset. When you respect yourself for who you are and treat yourself that way, you are actually curing yourself and boosting up the immune system inside your body.

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Anna has sections on 5 different treatment methods (Budwig Diet and Gerson Therapy, for example), cancer facts, cancer types, what causes cancer, juicing, raw food diet, etc. It’s well organized and simple to read with lots of links to other resources. This is a great resource and an important addition to spiritual healing practices. I hope she is indeed cancer-free now and can keep up this good site she says is making her a living.

The Trust Technique: An Amazing Way of Animal Healing

When I first saw a video of James French working with horses, dogs, even lions, I was truly amazed. It looked like he was just sitting there, but here were these animals responding strongly and wanting to stay around James. I was happy to hear that he had an online course to teach others how to do this. So what is so special about this technique? Please watch this introductory video to give you an idea of it.

The Trust Technique: An Amazing Way of Animal Healing




While I still am no expert in this method, at the start, the healer needs to bring him or herself into the present moment and focus on a point in the near area of the animal without looking at the animal. To look directly at the animal might be seen as aggression by the animal. Eventually the animal will start to respond by looking at the healer or even lying down and sleeping peacefully. The healer needs to bring his or her focus to the present too and not be thinking about such thoughts as other things that needs to be done or what happened to this animal in the past. Here is some more information about The Trust Technique: an amazing way of animal healing.

The Trust Technique is the life’s work of pioneering communication healer James French. A leading authority in both Animal Reiki and Animal Communication, James’ expertise of non-verbal communication and knowledge of working with animals makes him a pioneer in understanding the human/animal relationship.
The Trust Technique takes it that step further, delivering a synergy of advanced animal communication and animal healing in an easy to use and practical format.

A unique teaching style enables anyone who cares about animals to explore the expertise James has to offer and start today, working with your own animals, either with an existing scenario or to develop a new level of trust and companionship.

Learning the technique will take your animal relationship to a deeper more profound level.

  • Help your animals overcome behavioral problems
  • Take your animal to a new and exciting level
  • Help your animal heal and speed up rehabilitation
  • Your sign up helps rescued animals all over the world

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Whatever your interest in animals this interesting company has something for you. The important thing is to find what works, and as you can see from the video, these methods have worked for James, his staff, and now the animal owners and trainers he has trained.

As people become more sedentary and urbanized we need to help our pets and wild animals near us to adjust and find peace relating to us. Is it possible to live comfortably with wild animals nearby? While James French doesn’t mention this, I think it is a logical extension of his work and one I would like to try out (carefully!). What do you think about The Trust Technique and working with viscous and wild animals? Is The Trust Technique an amazing way of animal healing?

How to Gain Spiritual Healing by Forgiving the Unforgivable

This is an article by Marina Cantacuzino, the Founder of the Forgiveness Project. She is thus very qualified to write this article about the reactions of and story of the members of the Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality who got caught in the Mumbai bombing of the Oberai Hotel in 2008. Indeed it was the impetus for her to start the Forgiveness Project. Here are some of her comments on how to gain spiritual healing by forgiving the unforgivable as written in The Huffington Post (“Healthy Living Canada” section).

How to Gain Spiritual Healing by Forgiving the Unforgivable

However, what makes this book entirely credible in my eyes, carrying the reader along so that there is never any doubt about the authenticity of the experience, is the very thing that first gave me the impetus to start The Forgiveness Project — and that is the knowledge that it is based on the personal testimonies of those who bore witness and those who endured the most. Peppered throughout the 288 pages are the true stories of the survivors, which even include Kia, the woman whose husband and daughter both died. Kia, extraordinarily, from the moment she heard the news, experienced “the deepest grief and pain” at the same time as feeling “love, forgiveness and compassion” for the Islamist terrorists.

It seems that these real stories describe an intrinsic part of the human experience — albeit one that is rarely documented. They illustrate how people who for years have practiced a holistic, meditative life-style when tested are capable of responding to trauma without capsizing fear or reactive anger. Instead, these people are able to accept what has happened to them and use the experience to grow into an “ever more evolved wholeness.” As Master Charles puts it, “This is about being where your feet are,” or to borrow from the Greek stoic Epictetus, “It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.”

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To forgive the people who murdered your husband and daughter is truly forgiving the unforgivable. If you want to know more about this new book, Forgiving the Unforgivable by Master Charles Cannon, click on the link. While I’ve not read this book, it seems a most unusual story and certainly a learning experience for every reader.

According to Marina Cantacuzino’s biography in The Huffington Post, “The Forgiveness Project is a UK based not-for-profit unaffiliated to any religious and political group. The Forgiveness Project explores forgiveness and reconciliation through individual real-life stories, and promotes alternatives to violence and revenge.”

How do you feel about forgiving the murders of your family members? Please leave a comment about it below.

Crop Circles Are Debunked in Recent Video

If any of you have been reading my posts you know that I have been very supportive of the theory that the mysterious crop circles are formed by some higher intelligence, perhaps from another planet, what we call aliens. In all fairness to “the other side”, I have found this video that seems to show that a rather complicated crop circle was human made in a few hours. So have a look and see if crop circles are debunked in this video.

Crop Circles Are Debunked in Recent Video

The facts remain that this is one of several thousand that have now appeared, a number that would take a full time crew (mostly working at night) to produce that many. In addition, there have been witnesses of the non-human method of their construction, and it takes only minutes for the grain to be perfectly flatened, leaving a strong energy current, which is missing from the human-created circles. Please compare this to the trailer for the trailer for the movie,”What on Earth?” which you can view below. Then you can decide yourself if these patterns are all human-made or not.

Dalai Lama Receives $1.7 Million Templeton Award

According to a recent article by Chris Herlinger in The Washington Post (“On Faith” section), Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama received this prestigious prize for his work of combining religion and science on Thursday, March 29, 2012. The Dalai Lama replied that he was nothing more than a “simple Buddhist monk” and that this prize was “ another sign of recognition about my little service to humanity, mainly, nonviolence and unity around different religious traditions.”

One example of his work is his “Science for Monks” program based in Buddhist monasteries in India. He also has shown a great interest in mathematics, biology and even quantum mechanics.

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Spiritual Healing Methods Cure Marilyn of Bipolar Disorder

Two common mental problems in today’s world are bipolar disorder and PTSD (post trauma stress disorder). Marilyn Redmond spent most if her life dealing with both. Her “remedies” were medications, alcohol and disfunctional behavior. How many recorded cases and hidden cases do we have today of people suffering from bipolar disease? Fortunately for Marilyn she found her solution and lives a normal life today.

Spiritual Healing Methods Cure Marilyn of Bipolar Disorder

New scientific evidence proves that hypnosis, mediation, and affirmations raise energy in a person changing their DNA. Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev now has scientifically proven that affirmations along with meditation/ hypnosis (terms for an altered state) will raise consciousness, increase well-being, and balance chemistry in individuals.

In the past, most people were under the impression that Bipolar Disorder would be a life long ailment. Often Bipolar Disorder is destructive to relationships, careers, can wreak havoc on family life, and is a potentially fatal disease. According to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Health, “There are in truth no incurable conditions.”

Later in the article we hear from Marilyn in her own words.

Marilyn Redmond says, “With new life skills and a spiritual daily program, the old mood swings minimized into reality, after discontinuing medication. I no longer am running from reality with prescription drugs, alcohol, or dysfunctional behavior. I have over twenty-six years of sobriety and over eleven years without any medications. My psychiatrist declared that I was sane, over seven years ago.”

In addition, it may be necessary to release past trauma and fear, called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD can trigger episodes of Bipolar Disorder. This again can be healed through regression therapy where the root cause can be addressed and replaced with a loving solution rather than drugging people where rational thinking is then not possible.

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Marilyn Redmond is now an ordained minister, author, teacher and counselor. She has been featured on talk shows as well, a great example for others suffering from similar problems. It’s not just a miracle but the wave of future medicine that spiritual healing methods cured Marilyn of bipolar disorder. For more information about DNA changes through spiritual healing methods and the work of Pjotr Garjajev, please return to this site later for future articles.

UCSF Study Shows Spiritual Meditation Helps Teachers’ Emotions

Margaret Kemeny, PhD

Eighty-two female teachers at University of California San Francisco who took an intensive course in meditation felt “less depressed, anxious or stressed and more compassionate and aware of others’ feelings”, reports Elizabeth Fernandez in the, the University newsletter. The study was originally published in the Emotion (April issue). The project was put together by Margaret Kemeny, PhD, director of the Health Psychology Program at UCSF. The study was composed by Paul Eckman, PhD,  after he visited the Dalai Lama in India. Here is the Dalai Lama’s question to Dr. Eckman: “In the modern world, would a secular version of Buddhist contemplation reduce harmful emotions?”

UCSF Study Shows Spiritual Meditation Helps Teachers’ Emotions

In the randomized, controlled trial, the schoolteachers learned to better understand the relationship between emotion and cognition, and to better recognize emotions in others and  their own emotional patterns so they could better resolve difficult problems in their relationships. All the teachers were new to meditation and all were involved in an intimate relationship.

“We wanted to test whether the intervention affected both personal well-being as well as behavior that would affect the well-being of their intimate partners,” said Kemeny.

“We know much less about longer-term changes that occur as a result of meditation, particularly once the ‘glow’ of the experience wears off,” Kemeny said. “It’s important to know what they are because these changes probably play an important role in the longer-term effects of meditation on mental and physical health symptoms and conditions.”

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Here is more proof that regular practice of spiritual meditation did work for these teachers and it can work for you too. We would love to hear about your successes with meditation and how it has changed your life. Please write a few words below for others to read. If you would like to know more about Dr. Paul Eckman’s work, here is a related book (maybe the teachers better read this one): Why Kids Lie: How Parents Can Encourage Truthfulness  In conclusion, the UCSF study did show that spiritual meditation does help teachers’ emotions.

Paul Eckman, PhD, photo by Davis Freeman

Spiritual Meditation Keeps You Soul-Centered and Happy

According to PR Web in the introduction to this article/press release, “Now scientifically proven to reduce stress, alter the grey matter of your brain and help you look and feel younger in as little as 8 weeks, could meditation be the new happy drug?”  Sara McLean, the director of Sedona Meditation Company, has recently published a new book, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation to be released in May 2012. She maintains that spiritual meditation keeps you soul-centered and happy.

In her new release, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation (Hay House, May 2012), Sarah McLean, also known as the face of mainstream meditation, offers simple techniques to help anyone adopt a regular meditative practice to help him or her experience more peace and wellbeing in daily life. Among the twenty something techniques and instructions included in this book, these basics are derived from ancient contemplative practices, but have a modern application:

1. Breath awareness for present moment awareness for more enjoyment
2. Body awareness for emotional and physical awareness for enhanced choice-making
3. Sitting meditation for reducing stress and relaxing the body
4. Mantra meditation for connecting with peace and becoming calmer

Sarah is a meditation expert who has worked with some of the most renowned mind-body experts of our time including Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Byron Katie and Gary Zukav. She’s taught judges, physicians, celebrities, retirees, moms, and everyone in between, these proven practices that improve wellbeing and help people enjoy their life more in just 8 weeks.

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If you wish to know more about this new book and Sara’s course that with spiritual meditation will keep you soul-centered and happy, click on this link.

More Theories on the Construction Techniques of Crop Circles

Crop Circle appearing recently

There are numerous ideas as to how and why crop circles are formed. In my past articles I’ve shown how impossible the idea of human construction is (see “Geometric Complexities of Crop Circles”). Here is an article giving some alternative ideas, some more theories on the construction techniques of crop circles, alternatives to the current theory of formation by aliens.

Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon suggests that it is too unwieldy for the modern age pranksters to use wooden planks, ropes, and bar stools to make the very sophisticated designs of the crop circles. He claims that advanced technology produces the perfect designs of the crop circles that we see today. The aid of GPS monitors and magnetrons make everything easy according to him. But Taylor’s theory can’t be proven until someone would volunteer to expose the tools for the trade.

There is also this theory that Dale Ave-Lallemant is interested in. It is said that the crops where the circles are formed contain a relatively large amount of energy. They are called Supercrops. Every time a crop circle is formed, the government always purchases the land nearest the site. They harvest the crops and supply them to super soldiers.

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I must say these theories gave me a good laugh, and unfortunately this article by Josh (no last name given) posted on the website,, does not give any references to Richard Taylor or Dale Ave-Lallemant, so I’m not sure where he obtained this information. According to a Google search, there are a number of authors who picked up on Richard Taylor’s ideas. Here is one of them.

GPS systems enables the artists to cover vast spaces with absolute precision, while microwaves can be used to flatten large numbers of stalks at great speeds, it was claimed.

An analysis of evidence in the Physics World journal reported that researchers had used magnetrons – tubes which use electricity and magnetism to generate intense heat – to mimic the physical changes in flattened stalks in some circles, which are linked to radiation.

Prof Taylor, director of the Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon, said the findings suggest that crop circle artists may be using magnetrons, found in microwave ovens, or similar technology to complete their detailed patterns in the space of a few hours.

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Until we actually know how these patterns are actually formed there will continue to be more theories on the construction techniques of crop circles from well educated people like Mr. Taylor or from the man on the street. They are indeed an interesting mystery that is constantly changing as more appear.