Crop Circle Appears in Italy

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Most of the crop circles appear in Southern England but there are a number of them in other parts of the world too. Here’s one that just appeared near Carcia, Italy and was posted to the internet on July 3,2012 by Joey Sneddon writing for OMG! Ubuntu! Please read some of what he says about this crop circle.

Crop Circle Appears in Italy

Many of the designs (there are more than one) span between 600 to 800 square meter in size.

The Italian Police are also keeping their heads firmly out of the clouds too, and are putting the circles creation down to pranksters influenced by a May edition of paranornal TV show ‘Mystery’ – which happened to explain precisely how to make crop circles…

Joshua and his family are less convinced by this ‘earthly’ explanation however.

“This time of year the wheat [will bend and break] if we walk in the middle,’ he told Italian blog, ‘There are [no] signs of people who walk, nor wheels of vehicles; nothing that suggests that they were created by a human hand.’

“We have looked carefully, the designs are so perfect that they seem to be made ​​with a compass and the ears are intertwined.”

To read the original post please click here.

If you want to know more about crop circles, I recommend this DVD: What on Earth? by Suzanne Taylor. What is strange is why these keep appearing without any contact with the creators – sort of like an anonymous gift.


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