Indians now Seeking Western Versions of the Metaphysical

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There has been a shift from westerners seeking Indian forms of  the spiritual such as meditation or yoga  to now include Indians who want western versions of everything from crystals to angel cards to Wiccan spells and various forms of healing. Here then is an article written in The Times of India ( about Indians now seeking western versions of the metaphysical.

Indians now Seeking Western Versions of the Metaphysical

As more Indians travel abroad they are learning various spiritual practices. And Wicca among the many is gaining in popularity. “Wicca is the only religion in the world that has a policy of ‘harm none’ as per the Wiccan Rede or code of ethics. Wiccans do not use prayers, spells or thoughts that are harmful to anyone. In no other spiritual system or religion will you find this,” says Prakash.

In India we often see only the sale of fengshui items, crystals for reiki or incense. We are increasingly seeing the demand for angel cards, and other similar items. “As we are opening to embracing the worshipping of feminine energy we begin to read literature about witches who are actually evolved souls and protectors, unlike portrayed in popular media as being evil. As individuals equip themselves with more knowledge there is a growing market that wants spell kits, wands, athames, brooms, ritual supplies and books on Wicca,” says Vrushali Nadkerni, angel therapist and metaphysical goods supplier based in Dubai.

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Indian merchants see a market here and are starting to import goods into India of a metaphysical and spiritual nature. It seems strange that this reversal would take place, but I suspect we all want things that are popular to others. I find a number of Indian customers come to me for psychic readings, but not until they question me thoroughly about what I will be saying in my readings. Since such readings exist in their own country, they are more knowledgeable consumers. If you find this article interesting, could you share it with your friends on Facebook? The “share” link is just below.



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