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Crop Circles are in the News Again – March 2012

Posted on the website this month are two articles about Crop Circles. The first is, The Geometric Complexity of Crop Circles” . It’s about the structure of the crop patterns (not all of them are round or “circles” any more) and how they could not possibly be made by human hands.  The second article is more current to the times.In Spiritual Prophesy of 2012 Written in a Crop Circle  you will learn that the dates of May 20 – June 6, 2012 have been predicted to see a return of the fire. Perhaps this means solar flares. We hope it doesn’t mean a nuclear explosion or another war.

Calling all Spiritual Dog Lovers

There are two articles this month you’re really going to love. The first one is Spiritual Practice of Yoga has Gone to the Dogs. This is about Doga or yoga with dogs. The founder in Florida and a place in Hong Kong are featured videos in this post. You need to see this to believe it! The second article, Spiritual Healing Techniques for Dogs More than a New Crazewill show you the uses of Reiki and other “human” remedies that are being used successfully on dogs.

The Featured Retreat Location of the Month

Need a place to unwind and get some winter sun? Want some place that is reasonably priced with a good restaurant attached? I suggest Paty’s Yoga Studio and Restaurant in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Fly right in (just south of Puerto Vallarta) and stay as long as you can – right on the beach. Please see the article,Great Spiritual Retreat Site: Paty’s Yoga Studio and Restaurant  Some friends of mine just returned from there and highly recommend it. They host weddings there too.

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