Memorable Spiritual Gathering for Vesak in Sri Lanka

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Vesak is a celebration of the birth of the Buddha and this year, being the 2600th year since his birth, meant the celebrations were attended by a record number of Buddhist monks and bhikkhus as well as lay people. In Sri Lanka off the coast of India the Vesak celebrations complete with homes and public buildings decorated, pagents and songs, we saw the gathering of The World Buddhist Sangha Council, with traditional dances and the chance for Buddhists of different “denominations” to meet and exchange views. In this article Kalakeerthi EDWIN ARIYADASA in the Daily News, the English version of the Hong Kong-based Buddhist Door, published in English and Chinese each month, he describes the memorable spiritual gathering for Vesak in Sri Lanka. Here is some of what he says.

Memorable Spiritual Gathering for Vesak in Sri Lanka

Historically, there had never been such a prestigious assembly of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana bhikkhus, in Sri Lanka as was on this occasion.The rituals performed by each outstanding school of Buddhism represented eloquently and enchantingly the unity of all the Buddhist sects, transcending various rites, rituals and practices specific to each unit of practice.

Most Ven. Liao Chung Maha Thera, President, World Buddhist Sangha Council, raised the most crucial issue, which confronts mankind at this particular point of time.

“I would like to make an appeal to the politicians of the world: Please stop the development of weapons which will destroy human beings. Please work together for the well-being of humanity and the ideal of a world family”.

The assembly signified the vast human and spiritual resources, that could be readily harnessed for peace, harmony and the well-being of the global masses.

In the ephemeral world of Vesak celebrations, the assembly of global bhikkhus delivered a lasting message, in a subdued and spiritual idiom without resorting to any spirited oratorical effusions.

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I think the changes that we want to see in this world will not come from elected politicians (who most time are not elected by the common people) but from the grass roots and groups such as this when they gather. Now that we are all in touch by computer, it’s easy to pass information quickly and to organize public events that are productive and inspiring. If you find this article about this memorable spiritual gathering for Vesak in Sri Lanka useful please leave a comment below. Thanks.


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  1. Visakha Kawasaki

    18. May, 2012

    Dare we hope?!

    We had a brief opportunity to join the group in Kandy and there met Ven. Sanghasena from Ladakh and a senior Chinese monk we’ve worked with here in Sri Lanka. It was an impressive gathering, with many lay supporters enjoying their Sri Lankan pilgrimage with their teachers.

    Thanks for posting!

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