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located on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada
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Halfmoon Haven

Enjoy a relaxing holiday or participate in some incredible holistic healing events for the mind, body and spirit. We can accommodate groups of up to twenty at phenomenal prices. We have an on-site hot tub, 4 bedroom cottage, 2 bedroom deluxe suite,800 Sq. foot Yurt (perfect for sacred gatherings, small business gatherings or your personal events, fruit trees galore, pool table, multi-purpose court, sand volleyball court, amazing beach, wild life a plenty and spectacular sunsets. Some people have often commented that Halfmoon Haven is really a true Heaven on Earth
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image Spirit Quest Tours Spiritual Travel, Sacred Sites and the Search for Meaning Conscious travel to reduce your carbon footprint and help for various charities while you gain spiritual awareness. Las Vegas, Nevada, 877-406-5206Mention and receive a discount on trip fee.http://www.spiritquesttours.comphone:

Spirit Quest Tours

 Life changing spiritual and cultural travel to the world’s most exotic places. Trips to Bali, Bhutan, Africa, India, Cuba. Spirit sessions with Greg Roach.

Spirituality is the culture we embrace, not any particular faith or tradition. It’s exploring places and peoples more deeply and with great reverence. It’s seeing Spirit in all things…

imageimageIf you are thinking of getting away on a yoga holiday or yoga retreat, they have great destinations to offer you.Besides their regular trips to Morocco and the retreats every weekend at The Little Cottage in Ireland, there  are also trips to Gozo, Thailand, Grand Cayman, India and the Swiss Alps. Telephone enquiries:   353- 868-517710 (Ireland)  email:

Yoga Traveller

Yoga Holidays and retreats in Morocco, Malta, Ireland, Thailand!

We have handpicked our yoga teachers for their excellent teaching skills and extensive yoga experience and we offer you an unbeatable quality service at excellent value. Enjoy yoga twice a day, a package including meals, transfers and host service and choose from a large number of available dates. We also offer personal help in planning your trip.
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Contact Information: Sheri Rosenthal,              phone: 727- 421-0849

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Types of trips: Co-ed trips, conscious relationships, custom & private tours, equine healing retreats, mind body spirit, personal intensives, power journeys, singles travel, spirit, art & creativity, spiritual healing, spiritual hiking, spirituality & business, viajes espirituales, volunteer travel, women’s retreats, yoga retreats

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 Journeys of the Spirit
Our earth’s sacred sites have been designed by seekers before us for the purpose of fostering divine consciousness and the experience of enlightenment. Each sacred site acts as a mirror to reflect the limitations society and our own minds have placed upon our true expression. The self-awareness gained on a spiritual retreat is special and unique for each wayfarer and is perfect, a gift from the infinite within each of us. On a spiritual journey we have the opportunity to encounter our authentic self, integrity, clarity of mind and true purpose. At Journeys of the Spirit®, we’ve teamed up with a very special group of spiritual teachers, yoga instructors, shamans, healers, spiritually minded organizations & New Thought Churches to create soul-inspiring journeys and retreats! We invite you to join our ever-growing family of like-minded travelers creating sacred space together for the purpose of expanding consciousness, unconditional love and respect for all humanity.

Awaken your Heart, Ignite your Purpose, Soothe your Soul…

Awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, + life-changing = experiential luxury travel

Mystics, Oracles & Shamans of Ladakh: Ladakh, India
March 6-19th, 2014

Join Lisa Tully for this special journey designed to explore the local spiritual and mystical traditions of the Tibetan and Ladakhi people. You will have the opportunity to participate in various ceremonies along with the local folks as well as watch their beloved masters, shamans, and oracles in action.

By eating and praying in the homes of the local monastic and lay people, Tibetan and Ladakhi, yogi and shaman alike – you will have a true cultural experience you will never forget. Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to also visit the Sufi quarter of Delhi, the Green Tara temple in the Tibetan Quarter of Delhi (where we can chant her mantra), participate in the Holi festival (to celebrate the start of spring), and visit the Taj Mahal in Agra as an optional tour. Trip cost: £2350 (approx $3,570 USD) per person double occupancy, many meals included. Details for Ladakh here!

Reiki Retreats

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International House of Reiki
PO Box 9
NSW 2037

 International House of ReikiThe International House of Reiki is honored to be able to teach a traditional Japanese form of the system of Reiki in a down-to-earth manner while still encapsulating the deep spirituality of the system.HReiki’s founders, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, are renowned Reiki researchers and are the authors of a number of critically acclaimed Reiki books. They are not the only Reiki teachers of the International House of Reiki, however. The center also provides professional Partner Teachers in a number of international venues. Find out if there is one near you!Request Distance HealingSick? Tired? Want to progress in your practice?Senior Teacher, Frans Stiene, offers distance healing for those who need healing now.Mention MysticFare when you register for a course and receive a discount.Online Courses

  • 21 Day Reiki Program
  • Enhancing the Three Diamonds
  • The Remembering Program