June and July 2012 Newsletter



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Venus Transit and Crop Circle Representation


The big news at the end of June was the transit of Venus across the sun. This is a somewhat rare occurrence but even rarer was the fact that the skies were clear and so many people could view it. There is a video showing it you can watch and also an article on MysticFare about a crop circle that appeared at the same time that seems to be a representation of the transit.


Featured Spiritual Retreat

Since there are two months (June and July) I have featured 2 retreats which are very different from each other. The first one is a tour around Mt. Kailash in Tibet staying in or near 2 monasteries. Travel in Tibet is still restricted, but this is a chance to experience the Tibetan version of Buddhism that still exists in Tibet and to go on a pilgrimage with mostly Tibetans.The tours are sponsored by a cooperative of local tour groups that want to provide authentic tourist experiences.

The second spiritual retreat is to the magical island of Bali where Fivelements will welcome you to a paradise of private cabins and the excellent Balinese healing techniques. The accommodations are very luxurious yet close to nature and includes a number if dietary choices.If you have the money to spend, these people will take good care of you.

Here is a reminder that there are other spiritual retreats listed in the Mystical.Spiritual Tours and Retreats section of MysticFare and the information is always being updated there. Also, if you will go to the members only page http://www.mysticfare.com/welcome-to-the-mystic-membership/) you will see new music selections you can download and also a new webinar, “Top Three Tips for Psychic Development or Spiritual Awakening”. You cannot access this page from the website menues; please click on the link above or type in the URL.

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