Spiritual Healing Retreat to Chartres

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The featured spiritual journey this week is a retreat to France. Touring sacred sites in southern France may sound idyllic but this trip is more about what exists today. The organizer, Ani Lea, calls it La Dome de la Mere and maintains that there is a dome of light over the entire region. Here is what she has to say about this spiritual healing retreat to Chartres.

Over the course of 13 days, we’ll walk in the footsteps of the doomed medieval gnostics known as the Cathars.

We’ll follow the path taken by Mary Magdalene when she arrived in Gaul after fleeing Palestine in the wake of Christ’s crucifixion.

We’ll stand at the palace from which powerful popes ruled Christendom.

From bountiful village markets to soaring cathedral spires, from breath-taking mountain vistas to ancient Mediterranean beaches, from silent forests and fields to magnificent cityscapes, we’ll explore the richness of this very special place.

But on a deeper level, this experience isn’t housed in religions or traditions or history or architecture. Because this journey is defined less by the touching of what was, than by the seeking of what is … You’ll have time to sit in Silence, time for journaling, painting, writing, meditation … for accessing the Source and bringing through what inspires and enriches you.

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The accommodations sound wonderful staying with French families and small country inns with free time to journal, visit with local people and of course enjoy that delicious French cuisine. The trip starts and ends in Paris and the cost is 3883,00 Euros (approximately $4,890 USD). Only 10 people are in this group starting May 13, 2013. Plan ahead and save your pennies for this trip of a lifetime.


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