Spiritual Healing with Sound Therapy

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According to recent research we as humans are lacking certain sound frequencies, and just like vitamins, if they are played for us with repetition, we will feel better, even recover from serious illnesses. Many of these sounds are played at a low frequency which corresponds to brain wave frequencies. On this website, www.therapyharps.com, there are a number of research projects covered with remarkable results to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Here is a small portion of this very intriguing article about sound healing.

Spiritual Healing with Sound Therapy

“Research has shown that when we are deprived of certain light frequencies we can become sick. One of the most fascinating scientific facts to emerge recently is that sound behaves in a similar fashion to light. In other words, sound and light act like vitamins and minerals in our body. Most people are deficient in certain tones and this is traced when the human voice is recorded and monitored. We need a certain balance of sound frequencies, which may vary from one individual to another, in order to maintain our bodies in a healthy state.

Recent experiments indicate that one of the most powerful ways to heal the individual is to play back the missing frequencies at a low octave which corresponds to brain wave frequencies. What happens here is quite remarkable and really beautiful. The body is simply helped to heal itself by activating the control center in the brain that looks after this healing.”
- In the words of Jocelyn Godwin, ed.,
Cosmic Music, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont 1989

Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy is a revolutionary new alternative therapy we are experimenting with which uses frequencies to help balance the body. Our research shows incredible promise, with almost unbelievable results occurring periodically.

Although it seems strange when you first hear of “sound therapy” like it is something strange and destined for the medical research labs, the truth is that the effects are apparent in our every day life… For example, we experience the energizing effect of sound and music every time we hear music with a heavy beat. Just think of the last time you heard a favorite dance hit and couldn’t help but to start dancing along.

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If you are interested in hearing some of the CDs used for sound therapy I recommend this CD, “Dreamscapes” which includes ERF (Earth Resonance Frequency) and Theta Frequency, these low vibrational waves that were mentioned above. It’s available right here on this website. It’s an amazing aid to restless nights and getting a good night’s sleep. You can listen to a number of sample cuts if you click the link above.


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