Spiritual Practices from Archangel Michael

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This is a book review of a new book by Les Feast, Messages from Heaven: Is Anyone Listening? Les is a spiritual teacher and healer and he runs weekly meditation and development groups. The review is written in PR Web from Dudley Park, Australia. It tells of the story of Les’ experiences with Archangel Michael when he was in India and the subsequent communications with him. Here’s a little bit about this new spiritual book: Messages from Heaven and the spiritual practices from Archangel Michael.

Spiritual Practices from Archangel Michael

Yet, things go from bad to worse when Feast breaks his foot and is mired at the ashram with Sri Sathya Sai Baba for seven days. However, says Feast, on that seventh day, something miraculous happened.

“At about four in the morning,” says Feast, “I am awakened by this huge light shining in my room and as I gaze at it, I hear the words, ‘I am Michael and I have come in answer of your prayer, do you want my help?’ There was no hesitation in thinking. I immediately, say, ‘yes, please.’”

Feast lists this first communication with Archangel Michael as the first of many. This first encounter also marked Feast’s commitment to serve as a medium and healer.

Feast has taught and worked with some of Australia’s leading mediums and healers. In Messages from Heaven, he recounts the lessons and words of the Archangel Michael and shows readers how to operate from their inner source of power.

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