Sufi Prophetic Spiritual Healing: An Islamic Method of Healing

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Here is the West we tend to focus on either Christian or Eastern healing methods such a faith healing or Reiki healing. Of course there are other forms of spiritual healing from Africa, Australia and yes, the Middle East. Sufism is a mystic/spiritual branch of Islam and is growing in popularity. Here is a short video and description from the University Of Spiritual Healing and Sufism website about Sufi prophetic spiritual healing: an Islamic method of healing. In these days when the followers of Mohammad are distrusted and criticized  in non-Muslim countries, it’s refreshing to see this positive growth of Islamic spiritual healing.

Sufi Prophetic Spiritual Healing: An Islamic Method of Healing

If you are in emotional pain due to loss, family issues, or a life transition, or have a chronic physical complaint such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome that is physically exhausting and emotionally draining, Sufi spiritual healing can help you.  Perhaps you simply are at a crossroads in your life, and would appreciate some guidance.

Sufi Prophetic healing is a gentle and sacred way to impart healing to illness and imbalance of all kinds—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We seek to identify and resolve the underlying causes of illness, often originating in the heart and soul. It is said that real healing must occur in the soul as well as in the body in order to be complete. We employ traditional, time-tested methods including spiritual invocations, prayers, and practices derived from the Sufi tradition of love, wisdom and unity.

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Here is the video explanation be Nura Laird, Director of the Student Healing Clinic from the University located in Petaluma, California.



The healing sessions are done by 3rd year university students one on one by phone, Skype or in person in some locations. While I have not experienced a session myself, they seem to be a combination of counseling and distant healing. If you would like to know more about the Sufi prophetic spiritual healing: an Islamic method of healing, I recommend this book by Linda O’Riordan, The Art of Sufi Healing.


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