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New Years Greetings from Awakening Spirit Retreat

Here is a New Years greeting message from Bodhi Heart, the owner of Awakening Spirit Retreat in Arizona. Notice the honesty and openness of this letter – a refreshing change from most messages I receive these days.

It’s snowing hard this evening as I prepare my Happy New Year greeting.  It seems like a fitting end to a year of transformation and awakening.
In 2014, “Awakening Spirit personal retreat center” became the new name for Spirit Skies.  The 2nd and 3rd guest cabins were added and we had a wonderful grand opening.  2014 was also the year when Spirit Falls began its search for a loving new owner, and I look forward to meeting that soul sister or brother in 2015.
The music video I want to share this New Year’s eve is a haunting invitation to remember to love ourselves.  I am learning how to give myself this gift, and it inspires me to remember who I really am, and let go of who I think I am.  Just click this link to play it:
Omkara’s “Remember” video is also my way of inviting you to visit the Arizona mountains and share this beautiful retreat space with me.  I hope this music video also inspires you.  Perhaps it will even lead you to a create a special time in 2015 to enjoy nature’s magnificent beauty and quiet stillness.
May the new year bless you with surprising waves of joy and precious moments of deepening peace.  And may one of those surprising waves carry you here some day soon.
In love and light,
bodhi heart
“Everything… you want to be, you already are.  More than that,
you are the Silence …the Silence of the Heart.”   Robert Adams
To find other articles on MysticFare about these retreat centers, please click here and you will find another article here. For a reasonably priced retreat for one – five people this is the place. You can contact this good man at one of the above listed websites. The photo below was taken at Spirit Falls, the retreat center that is for sale.
Spirit Falls Retreat Hermitage

Spirit Falls Retreat Hermitage


Some Great Places Spending Christmas

 Ice Skating at Christmas Fair in Museumplein

Ice Skating at Christmas Fair in Museumplein

Whether you are a world traveler looking for something new or an armchair traveler who likes to hear about what other people are doing, it’s always a treat to hear about special Christmas places where celebrations are “in the air” so to speak. The first group of resorts are in the northern hemisphere where you can experience the traditional cold weather with a good place to warm up and perhaps a hot drink. Thanks to Bree Sposato for suggesting Amsterdam. As you can see form this photo, the canals become wonderful ice skating rinks, and the 16th and 17th century houses are strung with lights. Why not stay till New Year’s Eve and celebrate with champagne and fireworks?

Here’s a more remote suggestion by Jennifer Coogan: Reykjavik, Iceland. Enjoy the northern lights from the comfort of a thermally heated hotel. There are only 4 hours of daylight, so bring your friends and prepare for an indoor party. Don’t miss the unusual Icelandic food such as smoked puffin and Brennivin (like schnapps). “Statues of the 12 Yule Lads (the Icelandic version of Santa Claus) peer out from every corner shop and window.”  Click here to read the original version

city street in San Miguel de Allende at night. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.There are a lot of “snow birds” from Canada and the northern states who like to frequent San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the hot, dry days and cool nights, the traditional crafts made and sold there as well as the old cobblestone streets and the Spanish architecture. However, Christmas is very special with the procession of Mary and Joseph and everyone else who wants to sing traditional carols. The procession goes from one decorated shop to the next, stopping to sing at each one. The children will enjoy the ritual of breaking pinatas filled with candy and small toys. It’s a special treat to have blooming flowers such as poinsettias and bougainvilleas.



200911-w-christmas-kaikouraThinking about a warmer place? Try Kaikoura, New Zealand. It will be summer when you visit, so you can enjoy the beach, kyaking or boating to see the whales, dolphins and fur seals. The vegetation and forests are so totally different. It’s like you are visiting another planet. Lee Magill recommends staying at the Kapuku Lodge and Tree Houses with gourmet, natural meals. Make reservations long ahead of time any place in New Zealand over the Christmas holidays. It is after all their summer holiday time.

 Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses is the ne plus ultra of New Zealand’s eco-tourism accommodations: a complex of cedar-covered buildings and six tree houses with views of both the bay and the imperial Kaikoura mountain range. Luxe high design reigns inside and out.


Perhaps you are seeking something more spiritual. May I then recommend Shambhala Mountain Center on 600 acres in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado? Here is a deeply established center which accommodates a great variety of practitioners from week-long “learn to meditate” stays to longer, intensives for advanced meditators. The staff also leads spiritual journeys during the year to Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. The rooms are elegant but very simple and comfortable. People who have participated in longer retreats say it is like an immersion vacation, and the effects often stay with the person for many months, even years after. It’s a bit like unpacking your brain or fragmenting your computer. The effect are nearly always calming, relaxing. It’s especially a good choice if you are alone or with a partner rather than a family vacation or a good party celebration.

Let us know what you decide to do this year and how you liked it once you return. I’m always open to new ideas.





Healing the Shadow Self

2013.NormaSome of you may have heard of Norma Cowie, a well-known psychic and healer with many years experience. Recently she wrote about a healing she did that involved the “shadow self”. She explains that the function of the shadow self is to keep our connection to “Source/God energy strong at all times”. Unfortunately, many of us unknowingly use this area of our beings as a garbage bin, putting in old feelings we don’t want to deal with. Therefore it is necessary to clean it, and in the case Norma dealt with, she had to remove the old shadow self and install a new one. Here’s some of her report.

When this dark overbearing energy would not transform, or leave, (which is what normally happens when I encounter an attachment, or energies blocking, I called up my support workers and we took this energy away. Once the energy was removed, then the crown chakra blossomed and the whole chakra system lit up beautifully, the sweet, innocence and beautifulness of the soul radiated. When it was time to work with the Selves, the High and Earth Selves made their connection just fine and all went well. Time to go to theShadow Self and nothing, it took me a second to realize that the energy I sent away had been the Shadow Self, so had to do some rechecking, to discover what had happened. I then was able to dissolve the old Shadow Self and create the new Shadow Self with the original programming to ensure there was balance between the High, Earth and Shadow. What a great feeling and my client also mentioned things felt different. To read more, click here.

This brings up a good point regarding healing: it’s necessary to not only remove old blocks and negative energy but to replace it with something more positive existing in the present. In this case, Norma replaced the shadow self with a new one that could continue the important function of connection to higher consciousness. If old blocks are simply removed they tend to come back to fill up the gaps. Just as an alcoholic or some kind of addict needs to find healthy activities, the spiritual self in all its parts needs to move on from being burdened by blocks and “dark, overbearing energy”. So often I hear clients say that when they have healing treatments, whether they are energy healing, acupuncture or massage, they feel better for awhile but then the old pains and problems return. Norma’s approach of actually spiritually replacing the damaged parts when needed makes more sense and hopefully the results would be more permanent. You can purchase some of Norma’s books such as Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them and Transformational Affirmations on her website:

download (1)


Hawaiian Bliss for a Spiritual Journey

I usually don’t feature places in common tourist locations, but please check out this retreat center called Sky Island Ranch Guest Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii near the town of Captain Cook (yes, there is a place called that). They promise you swimming with the dolphins and their place is absolutely amazing. Looks comfortable no matter what the weather. We know it is not always sunny in Hawaii, right? Anyway, without further explanation I will let the owners’ words from the website explain it all.

We live on a 16-acre ranch overlooking the ocean near Kealakekua Bay. A fifteen minute drive takes you to this unique swimming bay where dolphins and humans interact. The tri-level, cedar ranch house includes covered porches and lanais, spacious meeting rooms on two floors, well-equipped kitchen, country dining room, sunlit relaxation on lawn chairs outside, surrounded by rolling hills with precious donkeys and miniature horses.

Meditation sites are located at special places on the land in the shade of legendary, Hawaiian Ohia trees, luxuriant ginger flowers, fragrant guava, macadamia nut and lush fern trees. Hawaiian Hawks bless us with their presence as they circle above. Wherever you are on the land, you hear the songs of birds and see views of the shining ocean.

To contact the resort and find out more click here.

When you go to the website, which is mostly photos don’t miss clicking on the small menu at the bottom, “About Joan”. It’s a fascinating story about Joan Ocean’s research and experiences with dolphins and whales. Anyone interested in this type of communication between people and these two mammal relatives of ours should make the time to visit this place. It may change your lives, just as it changed Joan’s and Jean-Luc’s lives. As she says, “The dolphins are calling”

Community meeting and meditation room.

Community meeting and meditation room.


Australian Tour Company: Journeys of the Spirit

Here’s another spiritual tour company that is worth checking out. With the internet so easy to access these days and the use in international calling using plans such as Skype, there should be no problem making reservations from North America. Julie Barker is at the center of this company who says, “Her personal interests have always included a commitment to health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit..”  The trips include some of the usual places such as Bali, Thailand and Machu Picchu. However, there are some other alternatives that look intriguing – Kerala Ayurvedic retreat including an audience with the Dalai Lama, Byron Bay Yoga, Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), and Bhutan (going on right now). There are also “tailor made journeys” available that let you and a small group of friends set up a private journey.  Here are some more details about a trip that is soon to happen to Peru and Chile (9/13 – 10/14). The website state there are only 4 places left.

a621f7ac5209f041570e0fdf83ebd20aWalking in the footsteps of the ancient Incas, we explore the many breathtaking natural wonders of this very sacred land. A soul nourishing and uplifting experience!

Perhaps we will be blessed with the sighting of the rare pink dolphins in the Peruvian Amazon, enjoy a hike to the Chacan Rainbow Temple in Cusco and explore the magical realm of the Andean spirituality. Magnificent, extraordinary, breathtaking – words cannot fully describe what you will receive from our experience at Machu Picchu.

It seems that these trips are very popular. For example, their Kerala Ayurvedic retreat sells out a year ahead of time. The tour guides that Julie hires seem experts in their own fields and worth accompanying just to get to know them.  Here are two examples – Peter Bliss and Cathy Brown. However, these are only two of several more very knowledgeable and colorful guides.

e4342f139049f47fe0c0dd2816c008a3Peter ~ is a dynamic business educator who has a very practical yet holistic approach to business and lifestyle. He has studied, coached and presented through keynotes and seminars throughout the corporate world both in Australia and overseas and combines simple western business intelligence with traditional eastern wisdom. He has experienced and is very aware that stress affects us all in different ways. If unaddressed it can be detrimental to all aspects of our lives and halt our full potential. Peter is passionate about mental wellbeing and has a unique ability to impart techniques with humor and practicality, bringing awareness to support you in creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. He has changed his own life through practicing what he teaches. We are delighted Peter will be guiding our Bhutan journeys 24th October to 6th November, 2014.

581f77ca1e1253171a8323e655fded1dCathy started her healing journey 24 years ago when she was diagnosed with secondary melanoma and was told she had only a couple of months to a couple of years to live and that chemotherapy and radiotherapy wouldn’t work. Her children were only six and eight and she knew she had to find ‘another way’ to heal.

After visiting 3 other doctors and told the same story, Cathy joined Cancer Support WA, which was the first place to give her hope and support. Over the years she has facilitated and instigated Wellness Programs, Support Groups, Women’s Healing Circles, the Gawler Foundation Healing and Wellbeing Program and many other groups. She has also been teaching Reiki for 20 years which has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the spiritual aspect of life. We are delighted to have CSA Wellness Facilitator, Cathy Brown guide our mid- September’s upcoming Kerala journey.

There are also trips to spiritual places right in Australia such as this trip proposed for 2015 to Karijini, Australia to learn from the Aboriginal elders.

8926352872efd8504f9716d69e842fdeThe magic of the Pilbara is a world in which land, people and culture are intimately linked. One of the last frontiers covering 500,000km, the Pilbara is home to some of the most striking landscapes in Australia ~ ancient rock art, spectacular waterfalls, pristine rock pools and magnificent gorges. Blessed with spectacular red beauty, we will explore the spiritual heart of the Pilbara in Karijini National Park, offering you a truly unique outback experience that you will never forget. We share this mystical area of the world with Aboriginal elders, immersing ourselves within the wisdoms of this sacred land & observing through the focused lens the many landscapes surrounding you. Our breathtaking walks will have you discover the hidden gems of this extraordinary natural wonder.

Have I got you interested? Best to visit their website: and find out for yourself what they have to offer. I found the website to be a refreshing change from North American companies with the Ausie bent on the spiritual world. Julie herself has an interesting story of working in some high profile companies and then returning to Australia to set up her own company. As usual, if you go on one of these trips please send a comment so other readers can benefit from your experience.


Deepak Chopra on Life After Death

Deepak Chopra with his combination of Western and Eastern thinking is a wonderful person to explore this topic of death and the meaning of life. Here in a conversation with Allan Gregg in 2010 he describes his ideas of what happens after death as he has written in his book, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof. Please enjoy this half hour discussion of what will happen once you die.

For those who are not familiar with Deepak Chopra he “is an Indian-American physician and an alternative medicine and New Age guru known for his view that healing is primarily a mental rather than physical process”, according to Wikipedia. He has published over 15 best seller books and founded the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California. He recently spoke at the headquarters of LinkedIn and Google to instil the ideas that we can heal the world. You can purchase his book or just look inside by clicking on the link below:


What Happens with Spiritual Awakening?

One_with_the_Universe.72110127_stdFor some decades now people have been talking about “raising your awareness” and “higher vibrations”. However, there are now an increasing number of people who are experiencing physical symptoms that are linked to what is called Spiritual Awakening. Actually, this is nothing new. People throughout history have had religious experiences in which they saw visions, heard voices or at least felt different. What is different now is the number of people who are experiencing these states. Perhaps you are one of them. According to Wikipedia, there have been some common threads to these experiences.

  • Transient — the experience is temporary; the individual soon returns to a “normal” frame of mind. It is outside our normal perception of space and time.

  • Ineffable — the experience cannot be adequately put into words.

  • Noetic — the individual feels that he or she has learned something valuable from the experience. Gives us knowledge that is normally hidden from human understanding.

  • Passive — the experience happens to the individual, largely without conscious control. Although there are activities, such as meditation (see below), that can make religious experience more likely, it is not something that can be turned on and off at will.

Read the original here.

Now let’s jump to the present and look at what people are experiencing in often less clear terms. Arlene Rich has described 10 common “symptoms” of spiritual awakening. While some of them may of course come from other sources, together they do form a nucleus for what people are going through. It’s a kind of human evolutionary process.  Here is part of what Arlene has said.

• An increase in occurrences – (there aren’t any coincidences) An increase in psychic, mediumistic, clairvoyant, and intuitive skills.

• Acute sensitivity to negative energy around specific people or environments.

• A desire to “find yourself”, change your social group, behavior, job etc. Sudden extreme sensitivity to people or crowds. You may find that your once sociable nature suddenly disappears and you simply cannot bear to be with certain friends, family members, colleagues, or coworkers.

• Sudden awareness of recurring patterns or relationships- A noticeable inability to tolerate someone with whom you have had a previously close relationship.

• Sudden inexplicable panic or anxiety attacks occurring at any time with no valid reason. A feeling that something has changed within you.

• Acute sensitivity to shopping malls or crowded environments such as restaurants, clubs, festivals, and so on.

• Extreme sensitivity to mobile and digital phones, laptops, computers, wireless routers, and all microwave technology, as well as certain types of lighting.

• Falling asleep and then waking in the middle of the night at or around the same time, feeling wide awake and needing to be up, and oddly not being tired the next day as expected. (This is a sign of your consciousness adapting to new cycles of activity.)

• Strange electrical energy coursing through the body or body parts like legs or arms. (This is caused by the raised frequencies from the Galactic centre flooding the planet. These energies assist in the process of rewiring the physical and Light-Body in order to carry higher vibrating energies.)

• A whole range of physical experiences caused by detoxification as the body continues to release years of physical, karmic, emotional, and mental toxic waste, producing symptoms including: fatigue and exhaustion;excess thirst; stomach upsets, including cramps, headaches, especially at the base of the skull and migraines with pains over the crown and in one or both eyes; muscle, neck, and shoulder pains.

• Dizziness, balance problems, and feeling spacey (triggered by being in higher states of consciousness).

To read the complete list click here.

If you or someone you know can relate to some of these symptoms or phenomena, you are not alone. I suspect there will be counsellors and support groups  in the future specializing in helping people go through versions of spiritual awakening. It makes places such as retreat centers and monasteries even more valuable as centers to experience spiritual changes without the interference of modern life. And it is important  to remember that the end result of whatever mental and physical changes occur should be better – healthier and happier people and hopefully a more peaceful world.


Spiritual Retreats for All Reasons

We must be getting increasingly stressed out as a species judging by the number and popularity of retreat locations and venues for them. Here is a website, that is actually an association of spiritual retreats and has divided them up into categories – 26 categories actually under the 3 main headings of spiritual holidays, spiritual retreats and wellness. Some of the categories look so inviting that I just couldn’t help but click on them to see what they were about. For example, here’s one for recovery retreats held in Panama.

Many people learn and practice daily life skills as children, getting better as they continue in their adult life. They mature by using their judgment, learning from mistakes, gaining patience, and using time management. For someone people with addiction, these skills are somewhat lost or never learned well from the start. People with addictions are often impulsive, especially when under the influence of a chemical. This becomes the established habit, making it difficult to learn self control. ….You will not “fall through the cracks” here! You will enjoy an intimate resort setting: a maximum of 8 guests at a time. This means we will get to know you as an individual, intimately, and will work hard with you to help you achieve your goals. You will have the very best, comprehensive retreat that works and delivers results!

Read the original here.

Next I looked at the organic retreats held in West Waterford, Ireland, Portugal and Kandy, Sri Lanka. All are small retreats with personal care, small, little-known places in local communities and just the type of places that would be restful and relaxing. Here is some information about the one in Kandy.

Ayurvedha treatments our doctor will consult and recommend personal tailor made therapy course. Eco friendly nature resort.Yoga and Ayurvedha retreat.

Perhaps you would rather seek out a luxury retreat in Blairsville, Florida or Kapaa, Hawaii.

Quantum Hawaiian Retreats on the beautiful garden island of Kauai blends ancient wisdom, quantum physics, meditations, NLP and universal laws to create a life changing retreat experience. Recently featured by USA TODAY as one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in North America.

I wonder if there is any standards for each listing by the staff of Spiritual Retreats? Turning to the “contact” section I see that it is the Association of Spiritual Retreats based in London, and that to have a listing would cost at least $250 per year. Still no word as to the criteria used to accept or reject various retreats. I’m going to write to them and I’ll let you know when I hear back. In the meantime, check out this amazing very international website.

Here’s the reply from this organization RE the registration standards.

Thank you for your kind comments on the association. In answer to your question regarding joining the association the membership process is as follows:
  • Retreat Centre submits listing and pays membership fee
  • The membership the retreat centre will not go live until our research team carry out some basic checks via the internet and phone.
  • Once the retreat has been accepted the listing goes live on the site
  • Featured members normally have editorial in our quarterly magazine attached
  • The retreats then get marketed through the regualr channels which has so far proved to be very successful.
  • Customers are asked to post reviews of their experiences at the retreat centre.
The basic principal of the site is to raise awareness of the tremendous healing that can be found at a retreat centre. You may notice that we do not allow large chains of retreats to join the association as our ethos is to help small individual private retreat holders spread their message and showcase what they have to offer at a small cost.
Shortly we will be launching a learning platform where members can upload and retail courses, podcasts, and products.
I hope this helps.
Kindest Regards,




Near Death Experience Predicts the Future Ahead on Earth

In 2012 a woman named Martha St. Clair nearly drowned while water skiing. As you will hear her describe in this video, she fell and was pulled under the water when the rope became tangled around her leg. She had many of the same experiences as others who have come back from the other side, but this time she was shown what was ahead for this planet and why we are all here this time during these huge changes. This is a must-listen for anyone spiritual who wants to survive the coming days.

Near Death Experience Predicts the Future Ahead on Earth

Now that you know what Martha saw, perhaps you would like to read more about near death experiences. It’s a popular subject these days. If you go to Amazon and type in “near death experiences” you will find 14 books on the topic published in 2013. I’ve chosen one to share with you but please leave a message regarding any other good choices you know here below this article or on Facebook:

Here is one of the best new books. What Happens When We Die: A Psychic’s Exploration of Death, Heaven and the Soul’s Journey After Death by Echo Bodine. Here we have much the same material in much more depth as the video you just watched. I hope you like it.Just click on the image below to see more.


Mystical Meditation in Action

The organization, Profound Mystical Meditation, has been in existence since 1965. It was founded and still led by Dr. Francisco Coll in Iowa. There is also an International Conference Center and the Americana Leadership College all initiated by Dr. Coll. There are 4 main concepts:

  • Each of us is a soul with a physical body
  • Everyone has Angels (Spiritual Guidance)
  • We come to Planet Earth with a purpose
  • We have been, we are, and we will always be

I couldn’t agree more, so I was eager to find out what they offered and what accommodations were available. Here are 3 scheduled workshops: Angel Encounter Workshop, Discover Your Sea of Tranquility and Tranquility and Accomplishment Technique Workshop. They also offer classes with titles such as “Meditation in Action” and “New Spiritual Horizons”. Also of interest are Angel Consultations and the course to become a Certified Spiritual Educator.

I’ve long wanted to find a group that combines mysticism with meditation, so I was very pleased to find this beautiful website and meet a group that has been going for over 35 years. Even more intriguing is the retreat center, part of the Americana Leadership College and located in Iowa. As they explain on their website:

Americana Leadership College
International Conference Center
Osceola, Iowa

FINALLY… A retreat center where you can

  • Relax and unwind in nature
  • Attain an integrated, balanced, conscious living lifestyle
  • Learn deeper Angel communication techniques
  • Discover your True Life Purpose

Nestled in the rolling hills of south, central Iowa is the 170 acre International Conference Center. For over 36 years people from around the world have come to discover their true inner self and their life purpose in a relaxing natural environment.

Read the original here.

The retreats occur on major holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day weekend, month of July, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. For more information about this group, please visit their website at: http://  If you are lucky enough to visit and take a course or workshop, please leave a comment or contact me:

Unfortunately there is no mention of fees or accommodation on the website, so I can’t share that with you at this time.