The Spiritual Side of Yoga at the Olympics?

Posted on 09. Apr, 2012 by in Spiritual Journey, Spiritual Life, Spiritual Yoga

Yoga: fitness exercises or spiritual bliss?

Here’s an article from the Houston Press by Christina Lynn regarding the push to have yoga included in the Olympics (hopefully not the next one in London!). She points out that yoga is much more than a series of athletic postures to be used in a contest. It seems it is the founders of USA Yoga who want Olympic Yoga. Indeed, yoga in the US too often has become divorced from its spiritual roots, much to the detriment of the practitioners. As Blue Tree Yoga founder, Jennifer Buergermeister says, “Yoga is about finding bliss and an aware, focused mind using breathing exercises and other limbs on the path. How can that be competed? Bad idea. Contortionism isn’t exactly the way, nor healthy. Will there be a meditation competition? That could take years!”

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