Using Spiritual Meditation to Overcome Stress

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student meditationHere is an article by Chelsea Seeley about a student club started by Diana Honorat in order to deal with her own stress of a heavy homework load plus other responsibilities. The club has grown in membership as other students find it helps them too. It seems that more young people are using spiritual meditation to overcome stress and reach “serenity, clarity and bliss”.

“I started Meditation Club to offer the students a time [to] step back from their responsibilities and the constant life of ‘business,’ and to feed their soul by reconnecting with it,” Honorat said.

“Undergraduate experience is not just for academic growth, but also for personal growth as well.”

So for the unfamiliar, what exactly happens when one meditates?

Usually during the FGCU meditation sessions, Honorat led the students through a guided meditation incorporating music.

“These guided meditations can include guided imagery, chakra meditations, breathing techniques, and mantra meditation,” Honorat said.

They have also started to incorporate new techniques, including sound meditation through using Tibetan bowls, which are a type of bell that provides healing through its sound.

“In the future, we plan on traveling to learn about the various cultures of meditation, for instance, traveling to a Buddhist temple,” Honorat said.

It’s refreshing to hear of young people who “discover” spiritual practices and put them to use. This club is a good example for other campuses whose students can also use spiritual meditation to overcome stress.

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