This blog site has been started by Vicki Starfire, a palmist, psychic healer and teacher. She studied palm reading in 1975 with a gypsy woman who took her on as an apprentice. She has traveled through many countries giving readings including Europe, South America, Mexico, Thailand, India, Korea, Australia and most recently 15 years in Japan as a teacher and Reiki Master healer. She has studied Therapeutic Touch with Dolores Krieger and the Dreamhealer Method with Adam, a local healer living in Vancouver. She has certificates to practice and teach Reiki and The Reconnection. She presently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

This blog is designed to introduce the viewers and listeners to peaceful and enlightening reading and music. There are also electronic related products such as MP3 players and Kindle book readers. It was also created to form a community of spiritual people who know that the power of the group is stronger than the individual. So please join the community, enjoy the music and reading on your own or post a comment. You can also take a metaphysical course or a luxurious tour or retreat to spiritually powerful spots and interact with other like-minded souls.