Healing the Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Healing for the Healer

While many books and articles have been published helping health care workers care for themselves and each other, there is less written about care of spiritual or energy healers. Some of the same concepts apply to all health workers, such as taking breaks form work, eating a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep and having  strong support from family and/or friends.

However, the spiritual healer has different issues to deal with, often not easily seen or manifested. The first issue is often isolation. There can be plenty of support around a spiritual healer from patients and friends, but does he or she have other healers to talk to? Often not nearby at least. Spiritual healing is not so common and not financially well supported. It’s definitely “a calling”.

Fortunately, the internet is now coming to the rescue and providing a virtual community of spiritual healers. Here are a few of the many possible websites with communities spiritual healers can join: heal-the-heart.com, chakrahealing.com, powerofthespirit.com, spiritualnetworks.com, poweredbyintuition.com. Here is a website for those who want to meet like-minded spiritual partners: matchmyspirit.com. From these sites and others, they can often find important support. There may be situations that are common to spiritual healers but not to “normal” people such as sensitivity to certain light or problems with electrical machines malfunctioning. A support group might be useful to the healer adversely affected by an unseen or unknown spiritual force.

A second issue for spiritual healers has to do with overwork. While all health workers have this problem from time to time, the signs of stress or fatigue for spiritual healers may manifest differently. They may feel dizzy, disoriented or forgetful – in other words, “spaced out”. They might start to suffer from some physical disease as their low energy has allowed it to enter their bodies. Some possible remedies: limiting the number of healings done, washing hands after every healing and in my case, taking a cold shower to clear my aura at the end of the day!

Lastly, there is the issue of spirit influence. While many spiritual healers have wonderful spirit guides, there are always the cases of malicious or negative spirits who are present. It can take advanced techniques to banish these entities and elementals. Spiritual healers just starting out don’t usually have these abilities. Having a mentor, teacher or other more experienced person to call is most beneficial here.

Spiritual healing is a rewarding and interesting job as long as you remember to heal the spiritual healer as well as your patients.