Lights Over Phoenix

In March of 1997 countless witnesses saw some strange lights that hovered over the city then disappeared. Others saw an enormous v-shaped craft that passed over their heads. Were they from another planet or were they secret US crafts that have yet to be revealed. The local military air force base had no comment. Here is a documentary of this time compiled by Jon Alon Walz. The military finally said they were flares. Here is the video documentary so that you can decide for yourself from the footage what these people might have seen.

It’s interesting that now after years of denying the existence of UFOs that the US government is getter used to sending out excuses that are now getting closer to divulging the secret knowledge they may have. I’ll let you judge for yourself as to what people saw that night and the following week. There have been countless sightings now that I don’t know where to start. We have yet to know if these crafts are from one place, are linked to the crop circles or are actually UFOs and not top secret US military inventions.