The Music of Crop Circles

You may have seen videos of the small lights connected with crop patterns, especially during the formation periods. Other witnesses report beams of light straight down from the heavens.

There are also tones associated with their construction, tones both heard and recorded but unheard. People who have heard sounds say they are most pleasant like a trilling or chimes which are heard just prior to the crop formation appearance in a field and stopping immediately after the pattern is finished. Unfortunately the recordings have not fully captured these tones due to the electrical static noise that is also picked up.

According to a report by Colin Andrews published in Freddy Silva’s book, The Secret of the Fields, “the sound can play aural hide-and-seek with those present; it can move in a nonlinear fashion and abruptly reposition itself a hundred yards away at the slightest intrusion from, say, a person entering a field or a car rounding a hill.” The sound is at very high decibels and interferes with electronic equipment.

The sounds associated with crop circle formation is not such a puzzle as might be imagined. There have been a number of experiments done to show physical evidence of sound vibrations, a science now called cymatics. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, published his first book in 1967 showing pictures of vibrational patterns on mediums such as water, powder, oil and sand. He discovered that the lower vibrations produced simple circular patterns. With higher sounds he was able to produce complex, intricate images such as mandalas. This seems to be congruent with the development of crop patterns that first appeared as simple circles and have become infinitely more detailed over time.

In addition to the auditory tones heard, there are vibrational levels that are measured by various meters such as the well-known Geiger counter. Paul Visgay has measured and recorded the frequencies in and nearby crop patterns for over 20 years. He reports an increase in the “residual vibrational level” within the crop circles. For example, as the “Koch fractal” pattern in 1997 he recorded a reading of 260-320 MHz. By year 2000 he was consistently recording 650 MHz readings.

What effect does this high frequency have on humans and animals that step inside these designs? The answers are amazing and the results are still coming in. You will have to wait for the explanation in another article. If you wish to know more about The Secret of the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, or you wish to purchase it, click here.

Lastly, let’s watch a short video by Ed Sherwood about plant exposure to sonic and/or ultrasonic energy in the crop circles. This is also part of the music of the crop circles.