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What’s the Reason for Crop Circles

The mystery of crop circles is ongoing and no one knows definitely why they exist. Due to the exact precision of measurements, it would be impossible for humans to construct them. In the past few years it seems that some of them have contained some kind of message for us that is in code. It’s speculated that it is a way the extra-terrestrials have to communicate with us. One of the most famous involves a possible answer to a message that was sent from Earth years earlier in an effort to communicate with other beings. The code was sent out in binary code, something related to computer code. It showed certain aspects of life on Earth, such as the image on the right.

The crop circle “answer” to this message came much later and showed life on another planet using the same categories as the original 1974 code sent from Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico by SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). It appeared in a field in August 21, 2001 near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. There have been other interpretations of the geometric configurations of other crop circles as to messages that they might contain. It seems that these images (many of them not circles) are a way a more technologically advanced civilization is trying to communicate with us.

Chilcotin man and crop circle answer

Recently there has been another theory put forward by Dr. Horace Drew that the messages are not even for us but are left by human time travelers as directional markers. It’s as if they are saying “this is the day” and marking it. Dr. Drew speculates that these advanced beings are able to travel back in time by traveling between dimensions. He said, “So the trouble is we don’t know space time physics enough to understand what’s happening. It’s beyond our knowledge.” (The Sun). Dr. Drew has been studying crop circles now for over 20 years. It’s an interesting idea and indeed, we don’t know what the reason for crop circles.


Remnants of a Bigger Stonehenge Discovered

Artist's concept of how the stones may have looked before being buried.

Artist’s concept of how the stones may have looked before being buried.

On September 7, 2015 researchers discovered another set of giant stones near the original Stonehenge in the UK. The archaeologists found them using non-invasive multi-sensor technology (something like X-Ray). The site might have been 15 times the size of Stonehenge and older and is located only 3 km from Stonehenge.

The word henge refers to a particular type of earthwork, typically consisting of a roughly circular or oval-shaped bank with an internal ditch surrounding a central flat area. Henges may have contained (or may still contain) ritual structures such as stone circles, timber circles and coves. Read more by clicking here.

Dr Nick Snashall, National Trust Archaeologist for the Avebury and Stonehenge World Heritage Site, said: “The Stonehenge landscape has been studied by antiquaries and archaeologists for centuries. But the work of the Hidden Landscapes team is revealing previously unsuspected twists in its age-old tale. These latest results have produced tantalising evidence of what lies beneath the ancient earthworks at Durrington Walls. The presence of what appear to be stones, surrounding the site of one of the largest Neolithic settlements in Europe adds a whole new chapter to the Stonehenge story.”

The new stones are mostly buried and according to the data are even larger than the Stonehenge monoliths. Some of them are lying in their sides and seem to have been covered with an earth mound at some time in the past. There’s still much we don’t know about what went on at Stonehenge and now the other nearby sites as well. This is a Neolithic settlement dating from approximately 4,500 years ago. However, there’s no clue as to how long it was used and really for what purposes. We need some good psychics to contact “the other side” and find out the details, perhaps in the Akashic Records, the reports of human history and perhaps that of other planets as well.




Crop Circles Revealed in England

Here’s a special trip that might be coming up this July to England given by Gail Thackray for only 7 people to view crop circles and talk with the Arch Druid of Avebury who would be the guide to some of the most sacred places in southern England. There also would be time to visit with John Mason who is the author of Mystical Britain, Britain’s Haunted Houses, Britain’s Haunted Castles and many more.  You would be staying in heritage hotels and bed and breakfasts. Here is a short video to let you know more.

Crop circles revealed in England

Want to know more? Go to Gail’s webpage:

The last tour was in July 2014. Contact Gail about a trip this summer. She is a Reiki and animal healer as well as a medium. Her contact information is on her website. You can find information about other trips she has taken including the one last summer to the crop circles revealed in England. Let me know about your experience!

Want a book to read up before you leave or perhaps you are an armchair traveler? Here’s a classic one that will let you know as much as is known about these mysterious formations.


Crop Circles Move to Holland

On July 18, 2014 three crop circles appeared in Holland all 3 meters apart, one in corn and two in wheat fields. By plotting the three on a map they have been found to form an equilateral triangle with perfect angles. What is more amazing about this report is that one Dutch man, Robbert van den Broeke, predicted they would appear several days before they did. He even predicted which crops would “host” them. Here is part of the article.

Last night Robbert told me something I think I should tell you. He normally has not done this, but he said he “saw” it so clearly he was certain it will happen. This week (he thinks) 3 new crop formations will appear in his general area—all on the same night (remember that Holland is as far north as the UK, so the amount of darkness in the summer is about the same—5 hrs). Two of these will be in “grain” (wheat) and one in “maize” (corn). Further, when their locations are plotted on a google map they will be found to form a “perfect” (I think he meant equilateral) triangle. In all the years I’ve known him he’s never made a prediction like this, but he sounded so certain I thought I’d tell you just for the hell of it…and see what happens. Signed, Nancy Talbot To read the original click here.

The above letter was written on July 13, 2014 before they appeared. The usual comments were then posted by readers – everything from “what a scam” to “I believe in these people”. For those who are reading this post I suggest you will like to read some of my past posts regarding the geometrical perfection of crop circles (many of which are not circles now) and also a post on the music or tones that have been heard when they are being constructed. I’m always interested in people being educated about the realities of crop circles. Yes, there is a lot we don’t know but to think they are all man made is just plain ignorance. What do you think? Please leave us your comments or questions.





Spiritual Journeys with Spiritual Quest Journeys

I have featured other travel sites in past months that feature places to go off the usual tourist destinations. Here is another group that offers some trips to unusual places as well as some to more common locations. For example, Spiritual Quest Journeys presently has trips scheduled to Namibia (Desert Sands and Crystal Journey), Zambia (Walk on the Wild Side) and South Africa (Miracles, Magic and Manifestation). Then there are trips to Ireland (Land of Leprechauns and Celtic Magic) and Malta (Journey to the Goddess), more usual places but with a definite spiritual twist. I must say they have a good text writer as even the headlines make you want to read more. Here are a few of the descriptions.


Mythical Scotland, Mystical Journey

Join Spiritual Quest Journeys on a mystical journey of the magical western Isles of Scotland – The Hebrides and fascinating Edinburgh.

10 days | £ 1 995 | 15 – 24 Sept 2013

Experience the land of myths and legends, unexplained mysteries, stone circles, highlands and islands steeped in history and imbued with ancient wisdom and magic. Step through the mists of time and experience deep transformation. Explore Sacred sites and holy places. Immerse yourself in ancient Celtic, Hebridean and Druidic heritage. Attune to the powerful Ley line energies. Travel by coach and ferry to the Celtic Isles of Lewis and Harris, natural paradise Isles of North and South Uist and Benbecula, Oban, Mull and the sacred Isle of Iona.

Highlights include:

Stories and legends of this magical land  ~ Connecting with Gaia and Ley line energy ~ Learning how to sense angelic, dragon and elemental energies ~ Meditation space – both guided and personal ~ Drumming, chanting and release ceremonies ~ full day on Iona ~ Autumn Equinox celebration at Lochbuie Stone Circle ~ Sites made famous by The DaVinci Code ~ Edinburgh.


Peru – Expansion of the Heart

Munay-Ki initiations and the sacred teachings of the Andean Way through Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley

The energy of this beautiful and sacred land possesses a powerful healing effect that touches all those who visit her in a profound and life changing way. For those drawn to an inner nurturing journey against the backdrop of the outer journey through Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco and other Peruvian highlights, we invite you to join us on an authentic spiritual journey in the footsteps of Peru’s ancient civilizations & traditions.

To read the original source,.

The twelve tour leaders listed are a eclectic group seemingly very competent judging by the 25 years this company has been operating and from the testimonials. Certainly I would love to join the group presently in England at the site of the crop circles in Wiltshire, England or try a yoga, walking and meditation safari  in Zambia. I like the addition of the tailor made tours and the retreats and spas. It seems they have something for everyone who wishes to explore alternative spirituality. Not sure the Christians or Muslims would benefit from these tours.

The website is very well organized and easy to navigate:   The trips are reasonably priced in both Euros and US dollars but of course does not include air fare. Check it out and let me know if you choose one of these trips. Leave a comment below or send an e-mail message to:



Upcoming Event with the TEDxWest Hollywood

Thanks to Suzanne Taylor of the crop circles fame (see ad on the right side of this page), the information regarding the upcoming event on April 14th starting at 11:30 am PDT will be broadcast here live and also recorded so that you can hear what these amazing speakers have to say.


If you want to know more about this event and why the TED headquarters tried to cancel it, please go to this website: or this address:


Crop Circles and Suzanne Taylor Revisited

Last year I posted the amazing video introduction to Suzanne Taylor’s “What on Earth?” about crop circles including the formation, geometry, locations and theories as to how they are formed. Here is that short introduction again with some bonuses available. I will explain after the video.

If you click on this link or the picture icon for “What on Earth?” on the lower right side of this website page it will take you to a page Suzanne has filled with special bonuses for buying the DVD. It’s really worth the purchase for yourself or a friend to just receive the most generous and enlightening bonuses that include some newly released books and talks.


Four Best Crop Circles for 2012

As the year comes to a close it’s time to review what has happened during this eventful year. That includes the messages from the crop circles too. Here is a nicely done video of four circles in August in England, Avebury Stone Circle, Chalk Pit, Milk Hill and Longwood Road. Enjoy.

It’s amazing to me that people still think these enormous structures are fakes done by humans in the dead of night. One of the best replies I’ve heard to that is, “Where do these people practice? If they are drawing these perfect structures where do they practice their skills?” By the way, most of these posts are also on the Facebook page,  We need some likes there and some comments. Please help us out!


Mystery Crop Circle Makes an Appearance on October 15

A new kind of crop circle has made an appearance on Windmill Hill, Avebury, England. It is unique because the stalks of grain are bent over but still growing. The nodes of the stalks are expanded as if heated by a microwave. There are lots of interpretations of this one but it’s unclear what it depicts – alignment of planets, polar shift, cell division, a song or resonance? What do you think? Let us know.


Strange, Unexplained Sights in August 2012

Here’s another video that is controversial about crop circles and unknown lights in the sky. There have been endless comments to this video on YouTube. Do you have one to add? According to this video the crop circles and lights were a daily occurrence in August. Are we getting closer to communicating with them? What do they want us to do? No one is sure they even exist. Anyway, here’s the video; see what you think.


This is part 1. There is a part 2

and a part 3:

They seem to be increasing in frequency and the crop circles are getting more complex; definitely a kind of live art. If you  like this video please share it with a friend.