December Newsletter for Mystic Fare

Happy Holidays, everyone! We at MysticFare have some gift music on the members’ page. There are some new ones and some of the favorites still remaining from last month for you to download. In addition, there are some half price CDs on the page, “Musical Journeys” accessible by clicking on this link or from the website under the menu item, “Music”. These CDs have been such winners now for over 15 years, and I hope you also will enjoy the relaxation and inspiration they can bring. Remember if you purchase any of them using this website it provides support for continuing the activities of the website such as finding great retreats and current news about spiritual matters. To purchase the CDs online go to “Music” and choose “More Music 2” and click on the “Add to Cart” button. The sale will extend through January. Only 7 are on sale, but they are some of the best.

Ready for another retreat? If you like yoga, this might be the perfect place to totally unwind. Shivananda Ashram is located in the Bahamas and features vacation packages as well as planned courses to fit everyone’s schedules. The packages also include course offerings. While I’ve not been there, they come well recommended and the beaches look idyllic. There is also teacher training offered.

The hour-long video under the title, “Predictions of 2012 and Beyond” has an amazing amount of information included about the possible changes to the human body (such as DNA changes) as well as the rest of the solar system. It is quite mind-blowing and puts another piece to this puzzle in place. I’ve noticed that there are increased climate changes on other planets in our solar system. This video explains that all planets will be effected. I hope you will benefit as much as I did from watching this video.

As we enter a new age according to the Mayans, let’s keep working for a world without violence, fostering the happiness index rather than the GNP index. Keep your very good comments coming and I wish you all the best for the new year.