Reiki Om

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Dean Evenson – silver flute, also flute, keyboards, OM
Dudley Evenson – harp, tamboura, singing bowls, OM
Henry Han – guzheng (21 string Chinese zither)
Phil Heaven – viola
Eddy Pace – bassEastern musical flavors soothe the soul and create a sacred ambience for energy healing to occur. Chinese zither, tamboura and Tibetan singing bowls blend with Dean Evenson’s signature flutes and keyboard orchestrations. Harp, viola and soft bass enhance the healing mood and resonate with recurring tones of OM.
Reiki OM introduces the stunning talent of 12-year-old Chinese American, Henry Han, who plays the 21-string zither called the guzheng. In a few short years, young Henry has embraced this difficult instrument and made it his own. Reiki OM is a welcome follow up to top-selling Tao of Healing which featured another kind of Chinese zither and was recently honored as runner up in the Readers Poll for Best Reiki Music.Reiki is a natural healing system that involves transmission of healing energy by ‘laying on of hands’ or using distance healing techniques. The process is designed to assist healing and bring about a sense of balance in the body, mind, and spirit. To enhance the power of this energy healing music, we have included the OM mantra along with the music. The sound is very subtle and is heard as a drone under the music itself.Includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) for deeper relaxation.
Eco Packaging – This CD comes in green, environmentally friendly packaging made from post consumer recycled paper, printed with soy inks and contains no plastic. It is fully recyclable.Enjoy “Reiki Om” Samples:
   Price: $15.49
Tom Barabas – Grand Piano, Keyboards
Dave Blackburn – Keyboards, Percussion
Dean Evenson – Flute
Vince Cooper – Guitar
Sedona Suite by Tom Barabas is a classic evergreen album. Innovative style and creative expression shine through on this delightful blend of piano, synthesizer, percussion and guitar, creating an uplifting musical experience. These rich compositions evoke the singular beauty and majesty of the red cliffs of Sedona, Arizona. Barabas’ evocative melodies combine with his articulate performance to satisfy both the intellect and the spirit.
With a background of classical training at conservatories in his native Hungary and Venezuela where he grew up, Barabas’ music was further stimulated by vibrant Latin music and North American jazz and rock-n-roll. His inner creativity and spiritual direction have brought these diverse influences together to give a fresh compositional style that has come to be his signature sound. Three of his CDs made the BILLBOARD Charts with Sedona Suite, perhaps his best-loved album, charting for 29 weeks!
Sedona Suite has a quality of uplifting positivity which makes it ideal for both relaxation time as well as creating a bright, uplifting mood that won’t put you to sleep. Its popularity has endured for many years, long after its initial release. It continues to be a favorite album for many people who own it and listen to it on a regular basis.Enjoy “Sedona Suite” Samples:
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Alain Eskinasi – Grooves, Percussion, Bass, Guitar & Keyboards
Aziz Paige – Sitar, Guitar & Vocals
Richard Hardy – Flutes, Saxaphone, Penny Whistle & Clarinet
Khabira Paige – Tamboura
The New Pulse of World Fusion
Rooted in the ancient and sacred tradition of trance dancing, these neo-shamanic drumbeats, sensuous vibrations of sitar and wailing woodwinds ignite a spirit of passion, joy and freedom. Celtic, Eastern, African, European and American motifs intertwine effortlessly into an original expression of global fusion and harmony.
Shapeshifters creators are a world fusion dance ensemble that transcends cultural boundaries with a fascinating sound intended to bring healing, ecstatic trance music to the world.Enjoy “Shapeshifters” Samples:
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