Mystical and Psychic Information: Same or Different?

Recently a local mystic, Dr. Michael Likey, published a live-stream broadcast on his channel, Mystical Wisdom, about the difference between mysticism and psychism. He stated that mystical wisdom was permanent and from the source (God) while psychic wisdom comes from various sources and uses “middlemen” called angels, spirits who have passed over (mediumship) and other sources perhaps not as positive.

I have to agree with him regarding mystical information. Nearly every religion, including so-called folk religions, have people who have had mystical experiences. Some can even hear the voice of God, and many are given messages from this higher source. According to the Greek origin, a mystic was an initiate or someone who experienced a hidden or secret method. Thus the early churches held initiation rites and some of them still do.

The separation between the mystical and psychic becomes less clear when we start to talk about mystical or psychic experiences. Is the information coming from God, a higher being, an angel or aunt Martha who passed over last year? While there are some ways to verify the sources, they are still far from certain. And is the God source going to provide a more reliable, longer lasting information? It seems to me that the proof comes later after events have happened. Whether the person is called a mystic, a religious leader, a medium or a psychic is not as important as the reliability of the information supplied.

Then there are people like Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet. Was he a mystic or a psychic? He actually was a deeply religious man whose readings helped cure thousands of people. According to his website he was a psychic and medical clairvoyant. Some terms we use commonly like “spiritual growth” and “soul mates” came from his readings. The information is still relevant today.

What is important for readers of all types is to invoke or call on the highest spirits for the information provided. People will soon know who to consult by the outcome. The bottom line is not what a person is called but whether the information provided is helpful and eventually accurate.



  1. Regarding Edgar Cayce, was he known as a sleeping profit or prophet? A mystic profit would be a conundrum, and in some cases maybe an oxymoron.

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