Spiritual Journeys to New Zealand

You’ve all seen the pictures of the two big New Zealand islands and various smaller surrounding islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  If you have been there you know that the lush vegetation and trees is like no other place on this planet. These islands have developed in isolation for millenniums. Here is a tour company oriented towards spiritual experiences that would love to show you around.  The tours are called Personal Growth and Rejuvenation, and you have your choice of locations and length, from a weekend to 10 days. The minimum number is 6 people, and the fees do not include airfare, an important consideration to far-away New Zealand.I especially like the  Rest, Relax and Rejuvenation Tour.

Experience unspoilt beautiful New Zealand – 6 Day Tour
‘Unwind and recharge’ in picturesque Queenstown, get back to nature on the Routrburn Track, explore with river and forest walks, experience historic Arrowtown, beautiful rivers and stunning lakes –  we even include two magnificent wineries.
This tour embraces both the natural beauty and the spirituality that makes New Zealand unique.
However, you might have the time for the 10-day Spirit of New Zealand Tour.
We offer you a tour that embraces both the natural beauty and the spirituality that makes New Zealand so unique.  Let us show you never ending beaches, mighty kauri trees still growing after 2,000 years, glaciers, pristine rain forests, deep gorges, spectacular mountains, lakes – and pure rivers and streams that you can drink from.

There will also be an opportunity for you to meet the indigenous Maori people,  whose cultural and spiritual beliefs urge them to assume the role of kaitiaki ~ guardians of our natural environment.  Their aim is to live in balance with the plants, animals, soil, air,   water and each other, to guarantee a sustainable and rich future for following generations – something we should all aspire to.

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I like the balance of the staff: former school principals Vic and Raewyn James, Ben Perchik who are experts in the environment and local culture; a scientist who is also a Reiki healer and expert in crisis management and pastoral care;  Sue Conklin who well understands  from her own experience corporate burnout and how to prevent it with relaxation and energy refreshing techniques, and finally Julie James who works for Red Carpet Tours and guides many of the tours with her enthusiasm for New Zealand’s amazing scenery and interesting history. The tours are guided by Vic, Raewyn and Julie with support from Ben and Sue’s programs.

The contact information, prices for tours and everything you will need is on the website: http://www.spiritualtours.com

I can’t think of a nicer way to see a snapshot of New Zealand and enjoy the spirituality that exists in pure form there. A spiritual journey will open your eyes to the Kiwi Way of doing things and also introduce you to the Maori people and their way of life. When I left New Zealand one of the shop owners said, “We know you’ll be back.”  It’s one of those places.





    • Dear Lorraine, I’m sorry to say that Spiritual Tours out of New Zealand is no longer a website. There is one in California called Spirit Tours but there is no way to contact Sue Conklin. I did do a quick Google and Facebook search only to find 25 Sue Conklins! Sorry I can’t help you more.
      Vicki Starfire, Owner and Manager, MysticFare.com

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