Summer Joy for MysticFare – August 2014

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Community meeting and meditation room.

Community meeting and meditation room.

Spiritual Journeys – In the past few months the details of some great spiritual adventures have been published on MysticFare. Please don’t miss the tours from Journeys of the Spirit, an Australian group. Spirit Skies in Arizona has reopened as well with their silent retreats among the dry pine forests. Don’t miss the article on the Sky Island Guest Ranch in Hawaii. However, if you plan a trip soon, I have published a few spiritual directories that are sure to please such as Spiritual Affiliates, Retreats Online and Travel with a Challenge (pilgrimage travel). Not to be forgotten is Lori Erikson’s article, “Practical Advice for Soulful Journeys”. She and her partner are itinerant travelers who have explored more of our world than most people even dream about doing. 

Healing Methods – Did you know you had a shadow self and that it needed healing? Norma Cowie explains all about it. Many of the spiritual journeys have healing aspects to them as well.

IMG_2221New Places to Visit – This time I featured two places near my home in western Canada – White Rock and the Sunshine Coast. White Rock is a beach town near the US border and the Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver has a great variety of people living there, including some who like fox hunts. Well, they don’t actually kill the fox, they just eat great food and go for a ride with the dogs. The video shows it all.

195Crop Circles – With summer and fields of grain the crop circles (many of them not circles any more) are starting to show up. This time there is a crop circle in Holland that is described. With the next newsletter there will be a lot more, and we can all ponder what the messages are as well as the age-old question – who made them?

Extras – Don’t miss the trailer to the new film, “Mythic Journeys” and the video by Deepak Chopra on “Life After Death”.

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