What We Know About the Pleiadians 2017

With more people becoming interested in spiritual matters and psychic phenomena, it makes sense that there will be more people reporting what I call “right brain activities” that have to do with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), intuition, telekinesis, as well as sightings of space craft from other planets. As the narrator of the following video will point out, beings from other planets and solar systems have been visiting Earth for a very long time. This video will introduce you to one of those places, the Pleiades. They are also known by another name, the Seven Sisters. You can see them easily in the summer sky clustered together. You will also hear about one person here on Earth who has had numerous contacts with them.

Please leave a comment after you watch this short video. Do the sketches of the Pleiadians seem accurate? Would you like to meet them? Why did they leave? Do you think many of them will return? This is certainly one account of what we know about the Pleiadians. Please enjoy.


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