A Truly Mystical Place: Bhutan

Most of us have heard about the small kingdom of Bhutan located near Nepal and India. A few people know that it is expensive to go there and a bit difficult to obtain a visa. But did you know that there is a great Australian tour company, Journeys of the Spirit, that takes care of all that for you? Here is the best part: you can go there this fall because there are a few spaces left. Check this out soon before they are gone. The dates are October 24 - November 6, 2015.

More about Bhutan - here's what one past participant had to say.

From the most warm and generous people, to the endless mountain tops peaked in the clear and crisp air, to the sound of the bells chiming with every round of a spinning prayer wheel, to the gorgeous echoes of nuns singing peacefully in the monasteries and to the young children's playful smiles and innocent giggles... my desires were to take in every blissful moment ~ and I did so gently and effortlessly.


Bhutan is a bit like the proverbial Shangri-la, that fictional place in the novel, Lost Horizon, that captured everything we want to see in paradise - happy, friendly people, little poverty, beautiful scenery and an isolated place that somehow keeps it from being destroyed by commercialism, invasions and exploitation. Is Bhutan truly like this? Why not explore it yourself and then let us know.

Here's what this trip will involve. Guide, Peter Bliss (yes, his real name!) will weave  "Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Mindfulness to your daily happenings". Then there are the hikes, the talks and the markets. Want to know more? http://www.journeysofthespirit.com.au

A Truly Mystical Place: Bhutan

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Most of us have heard about the small kingdom of Bhutan located near Nepal and India. A few people know that it is expensive to

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