Yoga With a Master: An Invitation

Journeys of the Spirit is an Australian spiritual travel company. I’ve featured posts before about director, Julie Baker and her staff: Chiara Muzzin, Sarah Gamble, Peter Bliss, Marj Argenta, Cathy Brown, Amanda Hobley, Phoebe Maroulis, and Sue Tredget. If you enjoy traveling to spiritual destinations in order to advance your own spiritual progress or just Read More

5 Best Buddhist Monasteries in India

If you are given another chance to live your life again, how many of you think that you will do better than what you have done so far? Everyone will say yes, right? What if you are given a life to live in such a way that there is no dissatisfaction and disappointment? What if Read More

Calling 12 Angels to Awakening Spirit Retreat Center

Have you heard of the retreat center in Arizona call Awakening Spirit? If you need peace and quiet to rest or practice meditation or yoga this is a great spot. According to their newsletter and website, there will be some changes this coming year. Awakening Spirit has suspended all retreats until spring equinox, March 20th, Read More

Visit the Northern Lights with Journeys of the Spirit

Hopefully you will be in time to join the Australian group, Journeys of the Spirit on their trip to Sweden and Finland to view the Northern Lights. According to their promotion, this October of 2016 will be a very strong time to see the lights. Want to know more about their trip? Of course Read More

Top 7 Vipassana Retreat Centers in India

The Vipassana Meditation Vipassana, “to see things as they really are”, is an age-old way of meditation that deeply involves purification from physical and mental ills by learning through self-observation and thus, engage concentrated restraint on the form and working of one’s physical aspect and how it links with one’s mental health. Over a course Read More

Hey. How About High Tea Online with Aussies Amanda and Julie?

Feel like pampering yourself for an hour or so? Join Amanda and Julie for High Tea ! Saturday 25th June at 11am Join Amanda & Julie for a delicious High Tea & experience some of the gifts of Kerala. We will be sharing yummy morsels that are unique to Amanda’s upcoming Kerala retreat at the Read More

Top 5 Places to Visit in New Delhi

Like many, I am constantly dreaming of that picture perfect, must needed vacation away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  You know the one; far from home where your office phone doesn’t quite get service and you have excitedly turned into a crazed selfie-taking tourist because you are surrounded by nothing but Read More

Remnants of a Bigger Stonehenge Discovered

On September 7, 2015 researchers discovered another set of giant stones near the original Stonehenge in the UK. The archaeologists found them using non-invasive multi-sensor technology (something like X-Ray). The site might have been 15 times the size of Stonehenge and older and is located only 3 km from Stonehenge. The word henge refers to Read More

A Truly Mystical Place: Bhutan

Most of us have heard about the small kingdom of Bhutan located near Nepal and India. A few people know that it is expensive to go there and a bit difficult to obtain a visa. But did you know that there is a great Australian tour company, Journeys of the Spirit, that takes care of Read More

Spiritual Networks – Community Online

Do you know about the, website, Spiritual Networks? It’s been operating for 5 years and has collected a large following. If you are interested in spiritual matters please check out this website and community. They say it is the largest spiritual social network. Certainly that would be true online. Here is what the website posts Read More